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What is EPEAT
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What is EPEAT?
The Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) is a procurement system that helps purchasers in the public and private sectors
evaluate, compare and select products based on environmental attributes. EPEAT is operated by the Green Electronics Council, a non-profit organization.

Why is EPEAT important to the technology customer?
EPEAT has gathered the accepted best practices from diverse, worldwide legal and
voluntary environmental programs to provide a standardized tool for customers to
specify a common baseline level of overall environmental performance. This provides
for a consistent, accepted standard that can be used by other purchasers for “green
procurement” decisions. With EPEAT, customers concerned about corporate
environmental responsibility now have a consistent, voluntary and widely-accepted
standard for their green IT procurement initiatives.
How are products EPEAT rated?
Product registration in EPEAT is based on a comprehensive set of 51 environmental
criteria in eight environmental performance categories identified above.
Manufacturers declare their product’s conformance to each criterion and are
periodically audited by EPEAT to assure the accuracy of the declarations.
Required criteria that all of Dell’s EPEAT registered products meet include the United
States Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ENERGY
STAR program, the European Union’s RoHS directive, marking of plastic parts, providing
a design that easy to disassemble and upgrade, providing a take-back recycling service,
having a corporate environmental management system (EMS) and producing an annual
report of our environmental activities.
Optional criteria which Dell products frequently meet include:
• Low threshold of mercury in light sources (less than 3 mg/bulb)
• Elimination of certain flame retardants and PVC in plastic parts > 25 g
• Batteries are free of lead, cadmium and mercury
• Reduced number of types of plastics
• No metal parts molded or glued on to plastic (must be removable)
• Minimum of 90 percent of the product, by weight, is reusable or recyclable
• All plastic parts can be manually separated and parts >25 g are marked
• Design is modular to facilitate upgrading
• Replacement parts availability for at least five years after end of production
• Third Tier auditing of our recycling vendors, annually
• ISO 14001 certified EMS
• Corporate Reporting is based on the GRI sustainability reporting guidelines
• At least 90 percent of packaging is recyclable with all plastics marked by material
Optional criteria Dell meets for Gold-rated products include:
• Elimination of intentionally added lead, cadmium and hexavalent chromium
• Providing for a returnable packaging program
• Increasing our content of post-consumer cardboard in our packaging to at least
25 percent by weight

EPEAT has three levels of registration
Products meet all required criteria.

Products meet all required criteria plus 50 percent of optional criteria.
Products meet all required criteria plus 75 percent of optional criteria.

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